About Me

I am a computer programmer who works for a global financial products company.  I am a Christian and attend a local church, Memorial Presbyterian Church, where I met my beautiful wife.  My wife is from Kentucky originally and is working on her Ph.D. in English at Saint Louis University.

My wife and I leaving Memorial Church, after taking our vows together on August 9, 2008.

We live in Saint Louis City proper in a 1950’s brick home, known to all as “the Jewel,” where I tend a small garden plot, and bicycle out to other locations from on occasion –worrying my wife to death.

We also have a dog, Jordan, who is the joy of our home, except when there’s a thunderstorm occuring when she’s the trembling lump underneath the bed in the basement…  God love her.

Jordan, sleeping with Gator

Jordan, sleeping with Gator